About this website Michael Rosen
Poet Michael Rosen had the idea for Perform-a-Poem while he was the fifth Children’s Laureate (2007-9).

He wanted to create a website where young people could upload videos of their performances of poems and browse other children’s poetry performance videos, as a fun way to help children engage with poetry in the classroom.

Perform-a-Poem is part of Michael’s Poetry-Friendly Classroom website, which offers teachers video tips, activity sheets, links and other resources to help make their classrooms poetry-friendly.

Perform-a-Poem was developed by BookTrust in association with Michael Rosen and the London Grid for Learning as a legacy of Michael Rosen’s time as Children’s Laureate 2007-2009. The site is hosted by the London Grid for Learning.
Perform-a-Poem for other NEN learning grids
Although this site has been developed exclusively for London schools served by the London Grid for Learning, it is also available to be hosted by other UK learning grids which are part of the National Education Network. The video upload/host infrastructure of this site is LGfL copyright, available on a creative commons basis to other members of the National Education Network subject to the given permission of the LGfL Editorial Board.

Contact BookTrust for details of how your learning grid can have its own version of Perform-a-Poem.