E-safety and child protection
We take e-safety and child protection seriously. Perform-a-Poem is designed to protect children’s identities through the following measures:
  • Only teachers with an LGfL log-in can upload videos

  • Only a child’s first name and their borough will be displayed next to their video – surnames and school names will not be used anywhere on the site
Responsibility for ensuring that children are not identifiable in videos lies with teachers. Before you start filming, please check that:
  • You have written permission of the parent or official guardian of each pupil to show their video across a publicly accessible learning grid

  • No pupil or staff member is wearing any clothing which might identify the school, area or district to which they belong

  • No pupil or staff member includes content in their poems which might identify too easily the school, area or district to which they belong

  • No pupil uses unacceptable or offensive gestures or behaviour in their performances
  You’ll be asked to confirm the e-safety steps you’ve taken by ticking a list of checks each time you upload a batch of videos.

Why not use the cut-out Perform-a-Poem badge to cover school logos on uniforms.

We hope you enjoy using Perform-a-Poem. If you have any queries about e-safety and child protection, please contact us.