Perform-a-Poem library List of poems
Welcome to the Perform-a-Poem Library.
The Library contains brilliant poems by some of our best-loved contemporary poets. The poets and their publishers have generously given permission for your pupils to perform the poems in videos for this site.
Adisa - "Lip Hopping with the Fundi-Fu"
Beard, Francesca - "Fluffy song"
Carter, James - "What Can You Do With A Football?"
Coe, Mandy - "The Cancan"
Fitt, Matthew - "Dino's Cafe"
Hegley, John - "Peter the Orange Parrot"
Lyalls, Paul - "McBroccoli"
Magee, Wes - "The Boneyard Rap"
McGough, Roger - "Give and Take"
McMillan, Ian - "Ten Things Found in a Wizard's Pocket"
Patten, Brian - "Someone Stole the"
Rosen, Michael - "I opened a book"
Zephaniah, Benjamin - "Friends"
Poems are listed alphabetically by poet’s last name. We hope the Library will be a growing resource, so do come back and check for new additions.
Please remember - permission is only given for children to perform these poems in videos for Perform-a-Poem, not for any other use.