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Michael Rosen runs a poetry workshop in school
Year 6 pupils at Tidemill School in Deptford spent a morning writing poetry with Michael Rosen. Play the video to see how Michael helps and inspires the children to create their poems

Michael Rosen’s poem
Michael Rosen performs his poem 'Hand on the Bridge' at Tidemill School

Teachers on Perform-a-Poem
Richard Graham, Gemma Clark and Rachel Smith from Tidemill School discuss the impact of poetry and performance in the classroom

Michael Rosen’s poetry workshop lesson plan (PDF)
A summary of the content of Michael’s session at Tidemill School and how he structured the lesson

Uploading videos
A step-by-step video guide to make uploading easy
Helping pupils to write their own poems
A writing activity from Michael Rosen, plus links to a wide range of online poetry-writing resources

Copyright, and finding poems for pupils to perform
Important advice about copyright, with links to out-of-copyright poems that pupils can perform

Help pupils improve their performance skills (PDF)
Performance poet Francesca Beard on how to encourage pupils to give confident, engaging performances

Tips on filming (PDF)
Film and media tutor Peter Westby suggests straightforward ways to improve your filming skills

Simple editing to make your pupils’ videos stand out (PDF)
Peter Westby guides you through the most popular editing packages

Uploading videos (PDF)
A how-to guide to make uploading easy

Advice on e-safety and child protection