Upload videos Important information

Important information

Checklist before you upload videos:

  • You will need your LGfL teacher username to log in
  • Check that you have taken the necessary e-safety steps for each batch of videos (see Resources for teachers for full details)
  • Check that you have collected basic details for each video. These are:
    • * Pupil’s first name
    • * Pupil’s second name
    • * Author of poem if not pupil
    • * Title of poem
    • * Topic or theme of the poem
    (Only asterisked items will be displayed next to videos)
Important information about copyright

Please ensure that you only upload videos of pupils performing either:
  • original poems they have written themselves -- OR --
  • out of copyright poems -- OR --
  • poems from the Perform-a-Poem Library, which have special permission from authors to be performed in videos for this site only.
If you upload videos of pupils performing any other poems, you may be infringing copyright laws and be liable to prosecution.

First-time uploading guides
Video GuideStep-by-step video guide to uploading
PDFStep-by-step PDF guide to uploading
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