Poetry writing activities Poetryclass
Poetry writing lesson plans for all Key Stages and a wide range of other poetry-related resources.

Can I have a word
Four online poetry projects with different themes. Each project includes podcasts of new poems by top contemporary poets, visual stimuli to fire children’s imaginations, and classroom activities to encourage creative writing.

The Poetry Archive
Lesson plans and activities for all Key Stages relating to this huge online archive of poetry podcasts.

Apples & Snakes
Poetry writing lesson plans based on poems written by some of the UK’s best performance poets.

And to get started, here is a writing activity based on a poem written by Michael Rosen [download pdf].

Why not film pupils performing new verses for the poem?
Michael Rosen There are some great poetry-writing resources on the internet for pupils of all ages and abilities - ranging from quick poem-generating exercises to themed projects.
Michael Rosen’s Poetry-Friendly Classroom website offers poetry-writing activity sheets based on three of Michael’s poems, plus a range of general poetry activities, from printable templates for shape poems to quick and easy writing activities for Key Stages 1 and 2. There is also a list of links to helpful organisations and poetry resources.